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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Workcenter 6505 toners problems

There shouldn't be a "Bad toner", it is more likely to say "invalid toner"

The invalid toner error means the toner is the wrong kind (metered vs sold)

If that is the case, call up Xerox and get the right toner from them, they have a good response time for these issues.

Of course that only applies if you got it from Xerox. Re-sellers and knock-off companies probably wont do anything at all for you.


The toners are also region coded, so if you are in the EU, and order from the USA you will get an invalid toner message as well.

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Joe Arseneau
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Workcenter 6505 toners problems

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Goog morning, I have a Workcenter 6505 and when I've changed Cyan en Yellow toners, the printer said that they where not good. I tried other toners from an other provider and the message is the same "Bad toner Cyan and yellow". The difference between these toners and the original one is that there is a litte PCB on the new toners. This PCB was not on the originals one.


My problem is that, now, the printer stops on the toner's error message and I cannot print, scan, or fax anything ... If I replace the new toners by the original one (they where not completly empty), an other message is displayed (insert cyan or yellow toner ...). Originals toners are not reconized now ...


Could you help me because I cannot print since one month, I have a nice printer that is definitly switched off ...


Best regards,

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