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Workcentre 3220 Postscript Compatibility

Has anyone test printed WorkCentre 3220's Postscript emulation compatibility with embedded .eps file yet?


I tested it with an embedded .eps files containing scalable line-art, tone-art, Type-1 fonts, etc.


I expected to see smooth thin hairline, smooth curves, and smooth graduation tones without bandings. However, I see half-tone dots printed instead of smooth curves thin lines at printer's native 600 dpi resolution.


Two different showroom staffs tested the embedded .eps file. They were confounded. They cannot do further.


Initially, staff in FX office here were ignorant of this. When explained, a sales staff became offended. He was very rude when told of this. He refused to test it. He even claimed that it is a feature. He can tell you not to buy it.


After further pressing, a technical staff finally relented to test more thoroughly through various Xerox printers including the Docu series. It was then confirmed that WorkCentre 3220 DO NOT print as a PostScript. I can also say that other brands Postscript emulation printers CAN print smooth curves thin lines at printer's native resolution.


I do not expect PostScript emulation to have any problem today because it was already stable since early 1990s.


Several months later, the country sales manager did not follow-up on  her promise to get back to me. None of their staff came back to update me since then. I believe they thought that I had given up on this.


I still want the promised .eps emulation capability.


I truly needed this capability to print embedded .eps file and that is why I purchase WorkCentre 3220 with its promised PostScript compatibility.


Can anyone pleased comment.


Meanwhile, I would discourage anyone from buying a Workcentre 3220 for its PostScript capability because I would not consider this as PostScript emulation if it failed to print smooth curves line at printer's native resolution instead of half-tone dots.

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