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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Workcentre 5225 Locks Up on USB and Light Printing



When it comes to scanning I suggest you use the correct scanner driver for the printer, and also for printing I recommend the correct driver from the site.

Please do a clean install, remove the drivers you already have, download the correct ones and install the printer again.


And when it comes to printer getting stuck in Sleep mode, I suggest you try different settings for Low Power mode/Sleep Mode by following This guide.



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Re: Workcentre 5225 Locks Up on USB and Light Printing

Hey JR, thanks for the information.  Yes, copies are fine.  Just perfect.  But when the machine scans, the images are light and have a washed out appearance.  My HP scanner is FAR superior to the Xerox.  The HP makes perfect scans.  And even stranger is that making a copy is scanning.  It makes copies (scans the original) perfectly.  It is when you us a  PC and a scan driver that the quality suffers.  This same scan driver works perfectly with the HP.  It is the generic one bundled with Vista, wiaacmgr.exe.  Anyway, I have the latest Adobe reader as it updates from time to time as Adobe pushes out the latest reader to the world at large.  It is not only pdf files that are light, images don't print properly either.  If I place a b/w image into a word document and print it on my HP printer, it's perfect.  If I print the same document on the Xerox, the image is not 1/2 as good as the HP printed it.  

The lock-up issue is annoying.  None of my other USB devices lock up and I have changed ports 3 times on the Xerox.  After it sits in power-save for a time, don't know what the magic number is (overnight) and I try to print, I find that pushing the power-save button to wake it up doesn't work and what is worse, the off/on switch is locked out.  You can toggle it all day and it won't turn off the printer.  I'm dead in the water at that point and I have to pull the plug to reset the machine.  Very strange stuff.  


Thanks Again,


Ron Lines

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Workcentre 5225 Locks Up on USB and Light Printing

Since you are having different issues with the Xerox device I would suggest calling your local support center to obtain support.

It sounds like your machine may need a software reset or a firmware upgrade to correct the machine not coming out of power saver. The light output could be a variety of things. Can you explains if when you are making a copy does the copies come out dark? It sounds like you are only saying PDF's come out light - have you made sure you are utilizing the latest adobe PDF reader?
Thank you,
Jordan R.
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Workcentre 5225 Locks Up on USB and Light Printing

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Hey There!  I have a Workcentre 5225 that I'm using on my Vista machine via a USB cable.  The 5225 is constantly locked up.  I print to the printer, it works fine.  Then an hour or so later, I print to it, it is in power save mode.  You can't push the Energy Saver button and wake it up AND, believe it or not, the off/on switch won't work.  I have to pull the power cord out of the printer to reset it.  What is causing this?


Also, how in the world do you darken print up a bit?  When I have an image in a document and it prints, the image is light and washed out.  All images that look fine on the screen are horrible when printed.  My toner is at 40% so that can't be the problem.  Also, Pad's do the same thing. The print fine on my HP but the Xerox is light and washed out looking.  NOW, if I print a WORD doc, prints fine, dark and all OK.  I cannot adjust grays with the driver to help this.  Any advice and how to darken print ?  I've looked all through the maintenance selections after I login on the front panel but there isn't any setting for darkening my print and images.  



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