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Re: Workcentre 5225 picture printing problem

what you can do is go the printing preferences when you print, selet "other size" in that xerox dialog

there you can specify original and output size, maybe one of them is still letter on your config?

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Workcentre 5225 picture printing problem

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I have a Workcentre 5225 xerox that has problems printing pictures (tried using windows photo viewer and also Adobe Photoshop). Every time i try to print from windows photo viewer, he's printing the picture in a letter format, even though i made all the page setup options possible. In Adobe Photoshop i'm able to center the picture, but i can't get it to fit to page (A4 or A3). I'm using A4 in tray 1 and A3 in tray 2. and in printing preferences is set to A4 and A3.


I'm not using the driver PCL or PCL6 from the support page of Workcentre 5225, instead i'm using XEROX GPD PCL6 V2.1 because we are an architectural bureau and we need to print from AUTOCAD without always having to change from A4 to A3. The xerox doesn't have a postscript memory installed, but with this driver i'm able to print in autocad without changing format setup every time, instead the xerox performs the page setup automatically


So...from Autocad i can print OK

From Adobe Acrobat Reader i can print OK

What's the problem with the pictures?



LATER EDIT: Tried printing with Irfan View and it works, but i don't know why i can't print with photoshop or windows photo viewer


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