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Workcentre 6015 does not accept Xerox Original toner

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Our cyan cartridge is empty. It is part of a set of 4 cartridges that are non-Xerox but they worked fine. We ordered a replacement set of 4 Xerox cartridges. Replacing the Cyan cartdrigde gives us a 093-962, which is really surprising since it is genuine Xerox. After trying the other 3 replacements (yellow, magenta, black) they all produce the non-xerox error. Also tried it from starting the printer empty without cartridges. It seems highly unlikely to me that in a batch of 4 cartridges all 4 are4 defective. Putting the old cartridges back in gives no error, these are accepted but then we are stuck with our empty cyan cartridge...


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Re: Workcentre 6015 does not accept Xerox Original toner

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Machines are sold as open from Xerox.

The first supply you put into them encodes the status/contract/region of the device.


So you have regions, which are NA/DMO and Asia pacific

And you have contracts, which are Metered (On a contract with Xerox) and Sold (purchased retail)


So you bought from somewhere, used up the original supplies and threw in a 3rd party cartridge, the machine locked itself to the region and contract programmed to that item. And until you can find out what that was, you are pretty much out of luck, it could get costly. Xerox can convert the machine back to open status, but they won't do it for free, and in the case of using a 3rd party, it would likely just get your warranty voided at the same time.


More in depth info

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Joe Arseneau