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Alex_Neagu New Member
New Member

Workcentre 7210 problem printing on A4 size paper

Hi , 


I have a problem printing on A4 paper from MS Office Excel.


We just buyed a Workcentre 7120 for network printing at work.

It is mandatory for us to use use only A4 paper size and when we try to print from diferent computers from MS Excel, by selecting  the paper size to A4 from the print option , we receive an error at the printer that there is no Letter 8.5x11" size paper in the tray. All the trays of the printer are with A4 size paper. I get the same error with PLC6 driver or PS driver. And I can't print anything on A4 paper size.


Does anyone have the same problem? please help me setup the printer corectly. 



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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Workcentre 7210 problem printing on A4 size paper

when going to the printing preferences you can choose a4 , but sometimes that isnt enough

if you click on that arrow , you can choose "other size", be sure your output AND original size is defined as A4

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