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Workcentre 7232 and mac

Hello everybody!


I have the following problem with my Workcentre 7232. I have the standard firmware (Controller ROM Version 1.207.5) on my Workcentre and it works with my Windows computers very well. But now, my girlfriend bought a new MacBook and I get a default message when I try to print with this Mac. I installed the newest mac driver from the Xerox homepage. An updade of the printer firmware from the standard version to the PS version wasn´t possible. 

Does anybody know how i can get the mac to print on the wc 7232 or is it not possible?

Thank´s for your answers!

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Re: Workcentre 7232 and mac

Postscript is added only by hardware + firmware, it is a paid option so if you don't have it, you don't get to print from the Mac unless you attempt the Generic PCL driver Mac side (It isn't supported, but does work usually, try digging here)






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Joe Arseneau
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