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kj Member

Workcentre 7435 - accounting grayed out

We have a Xerox Workcentre 7435 and use the Accounting feature to make users enter a code when they print.  We've never had any problems with it. However, someone new joined our office with a Windows 7 (32-bit) laptop. We had to download a new driver to work on his computer. The driver is different than the one installed on all of our other computers (which happen to be XP) the Printer Properties section for the printer on the Windows 7 laptop "looks" different than the one on our other computers. Anyways, when we go into his Printer Properties section to set-up the Accounting feature, "Accounting" is grayed out - its not allowing us to select it to set it up. He can't print to the machine until we can set this up for him. Does anyone have any idea what we need to do?



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Xerox Analyst RuiKZ6N6K-xrx
Xerox Analyst

Re: Workcentre 7435 - accounting grayed out


It seems that you may have installed the Global Driver and for some reason didn't detect what is your printer's model. This means that you have to set it manually. Go to printer properties -> options -> configuration. Set it to WC7435. After applying you can have access to the accounting features.







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kj Member

Re: Workcentre 7435 - accounting grayed out

Hi Rui,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, this hasn't solved our issue. When I check the printer properties, it does reflect the 7435 machine.  I should state that the laptop user does not have administrative rights. However, the IT dept. at his company did log into his laptop with administrative rights and said the Accounting feature (among other features) were still ghosted within the Printer Properties section. Hence, he still cannot activate the Accounting feature and therefore cannot print.


If you have any other ideas that I can pass on to his IT dept. - I'm all ears!


Thank you again for your help.



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evensteven New Member
New Member

Re: Workcentre 7435 - accounting grayed out

Hi there, did you manage to resolve this issue, having the exact same problem. Have 2 WorkCentre 5745's and 1 WorkCentre 7535 installed and shared on a print server using the latest Global Print Driver. I can enable the Xerox Standard Accounting for the 5745's no problem but for some strange reason not the 7535. The Global Print Driver picks up the model fine, even with the model specific driver the option is grayed out?



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Technical Escalation User RuiC-Xerox
Technical Escalation User

Re: Workcentre 7435 - accounting grayed out

Hi all,

 attempt to unistall the driver, and for testing purpose, reinstall the driver and create a LOCAL printer, instead of network printer. Create a TCP/IP port and conclude the instalation with default config.


Try using the dedicated driver for the printer to exclude any other errors, for testing purposes. Than if the driver does not display the option, make sure you disable Bi-Di.


All these is done and configured with a user that has permitions. Try the admin, just to make sure the basics work.

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