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Re: Workcentre 7855 not printing photographs properly

Import all photos to Adobe Photo Shop OR to Corel Draw, Create jpeg file save and print to any Xerox color workstation and Enjoy the Xerox Printing.
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Re: Workcentre 7855 not printing photographs properly

yes, that was a bug indeed in an older version, fixed in latest drivers (global) , maybe also fixed in next native drivers


=> from rls note:

Microsoft Photo Viewer does not print full images when printing in its 4-up mode. Thin strips print instead.

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Workcentre 7855 not printing photographs properly

Change your driver on the PC.


Basically, there are occasional incompatibilities between the driver and the application. Usually you can just change drivers (Since you can't change the application version). So if you are currently using the 7855 PS driver, then install the Xerox Global Print driver PS instead, or vice versa.


Here is an example of what you are getting I assume?





It has been seen in various situations, usually with large file size photos, but we always managed to work around it by changing drivers so far.



The following is from another post on the same family of machine, so driver versions listed are older than those available today on





I can successfully print using the Global PS driver 4 3.5 pics that began as a 3.9MB file, but cannot if using the native PS, so I can replicate the issue on the same machine from Windows 7 using the native Windows viewer only if I don't follow what I stated to do previously.


Here is the submission that shows the file size, spool size and application



And here is the output of the print showing the GPD (left) working great even on High resolution, and the native (right) putting out the junk prints.


2016-02-05 13.37.32 (Small).jpg




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Joe Arseneau
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Workcentre 7855 not printing photographs properly

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Has anyone else had problems printing photographs on Xerox Workcentre machines.  We have 2 Xerox Workcentre machines (2 different models) in our school and the staff use Windows Photo Print Wizard to print off photos of the kids. HOWEVER and this is a big issue there are issues when printing multiple images on one page. Single A4 print, 9 to a page and contact print all work fine, however select 2 or 4 to a page and you end up with most of the photo missing. You end up, for each photo, with a 1cm strip of the top and bottom edge of the photo but not the larger bit in the middle.


I'm really tearing my hair out here as I can't find a solution to this.  This can't be specific to one model of printer as it is the same on both and we didn't have this issue when we had inkjet printers attached to the PC's.


All machines are running Windows 7 Pro and the Xerox machines are networked to the whole school. The machines were installed using Xerox's  own installation software.


Can anyone help?





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