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anna34 New Member
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Workflow Software

So we received new Xerox 7775 with almost all the bells and whistle's except one and that is workflow software. What workflow software should i be looking to get all we want to do is create binders like manuals and for that we would be combining multiple files adding tabs and such. I am trying out Xerox Xpress to Print but it does not see my printer in the list and since it is demo i cant get it to add tabs in it so does any one have ideas of 3rd party applications that i an use for this or which Xerox software i should be asking for from my rep

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Technical Escalation User JenU55524-Xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: Workflow Software

I've used Document Scan and Makeready in the past. It works great and I love the way the layout looks on the screen, so you know just what you're going to print. I think it's called Freeflow Makeready now. Not sure about compatability with 7775, but you might check it out.
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