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k_graham Frequent Member
Frequent Member

X700i-FreeFlow8 sp2 82.b2.04d.86 Imposition scaling error

A customer supplies a 4.25x5.5 form with inadequate border, if dropped into RIP as a pdf 8 up edge cropping occurs, scaling at RIP resolves that but then the items are no longer 4.25x5.5" apart.


If one sends via printerdriver they can scale image and then edge cropping does not occur and each item is 4.25x5.5" apart assuming is set to print 8 up on 11x17.


I propose the preferred method of scaling during imposition would be for the individual items to scale not the group of 8 up so the result would be the same as if sent scaled from printer driver.


Viewers of this please vote yes to having individual images scale, no to keep status quo for images dropped in as PDF's


Ken Graham, Community 250-782-7108

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: X700i-FreeFlow8 sp2 82.b2.04d.86 Imposition scaling error

Hi k_graham,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I would suggest that you contact your local support centre and see if you can have them create a FER (Feature Enhancement Request) for your suggestion. 

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k_graham Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: X700i-FreeFlow8 sp2 82.b2.04d.86 Imposition scaling error

That is highly impractical as we are 500 kilometers from the local centre It is much more efficient to get the feedback of actual users on this Forum and would show the value of this Forum to the Xerox if new implementations of software were created as a result of it, enhancing the overall Xerox software instead of playing catchup to match after the ideas are used on alternative products.


I propose FreeFlow include 2 methods of scaling -


1 - current method which  scales all items toward center of sheet. It means you no longer can cut an 8 up sheet 4.25x5.5 but thats the way you've created that scaling method.


2- 2nd method which scales all items within their sheet to center so when for instance cutting your 8 up on 11x17 item to 4.25x5.5 you will end up with the item scaled within that sheet. 


I appreciate if anyone using a FreeFlow solution can vote on this, 

Yes to create 2 scaling methods,  No to continue as is.




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