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Re: XEROX 7855 B/W Printing issue

if you modify printqueues on local printserver you may from time to time, and depending on your server/client versions be forced to delete the local printqueue on local workstation and add it again before "printing defaults" are applied to users.
This is especially seen often on WinXP and Server 2003 but does also happen on newer versions.


if this dosen't work you have to look into "security permissions".

pr. default "domain users" only have "print permission".

This will ensure that local users can't modify printerinstallation AND are enforced the "defaults" set on server.

If users are "Domain admin, power user" or other elevated permissions they WILL NOT inherit the settings from server.


and "printing preferences" are settings for console users ON THE server

and "printing Defaults" are settings for the clients that add a "network printer" shared from a server.

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Re: XEROX 7855 B/W Printing issue

Hi there,


Can you please check in the administration tab if your machine model is selected?




You can also install the same driver on local pc just to see if there is the same problem.


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XEROX 7855 B/W Printing issue

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



We have a 7855 which is  installed in print server and is using Xerox Global print driver , and is configured to print B/W conversion by default.  But the settings are not working and the printer is printing in color



i did some reserch and in the print server when i click right click and see "Printing prefrences "  the xerox black and white conversion is ticked..


At the same time .. if i right click the printer and see -Printer  Properties - Advanced - Printing Defaults - The Black and white conversion is unticked there (i tried to tick it and apply.. but this setting is not getting applied..  ) i think this may be the reason why it is not printing in b /w by dfault.. but im not sure where else to change this..


Can anyone help

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