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palphonso New Member
New Member

XEROX WorkCentre 7755 - no paper size option in Excel

We have several XEROX WorkCentre 7755 where the driver is setup on a print server. Our users have Windows XP Pro SP3 and all the latest updates from Microsoft.


One of the printers, when selected as default in Windows, will show the paper size in the page setup of Microsoft Excel 2003 grayed out. It will not let our users or even admins change the paper size.


When setting another 7755 as default in Windows while havint the exact same Excel workbook opened will fix the issue. The paper size option under page setup magically appears. When reverting to the other printer, it becomes grayed our again.


Does anyone know what could be causing this.


Keep in mind that it's using the same driver on both 7755 printers however one works and the other doesn't


Thank you !

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: XEROX WorkCentre 7755 - no paper size option in Excel

mid januari xerox will release new drivers woth lot of fixes , i suggets you load them once they are out..

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