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XML Configuration Editor - "Printer Model Name" definition?

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Hi all,


I am trying to deploy three printers thusly:

  • Server-Based shared on 2008 R2 PrintManagement Server
  • Non-Versioned Xerox Global Print Driver
  • XML Configuration Editor method for setting Printer Preference Defaults
  • Standard Defaults (Listed as Default in pull-down menu) only (set at deployment time, not enforced going forward)

The PDF Customer Tip: (SFTHT-01U.pdf)

Xerox® XML Configuration Editor for Print Drivers
Dated December 19, 2016, states:



Printer Model Name
This can be the name of a specific printer model or it may contain any number of wildcard characters * anywhere in the string to match multiple printer models with a similar name. The order of these printer model configurations in the list is significant. If two or more configurations apply to a printer model then the configuration settings encountered first in the list will override any conflicting settings lower in the list



I have not had much success with the defaults propagating thus far.


My question is: What is the "Printer Model Name"?

Where is it defined?

If I have to match on the exact text of a model name, where can I find the model name's specific spelling / characters?


That is not addressed in the document.


As far as I understand it is NOT matched against the queue name.


I have tried installing the driver on the server and then

right clicking the printer icon | Select "printer properties" | Configuration Tab | About | About | About button


which brings up this:




So, my inital Printer Model name was ColorQube 9303* in the XML configuration.

This should have covered both the PCL6 and PS queues I had deployed


That did not work.


The documentation does not explicitly state that you can have a leading wildcard, but I tried it also:


*ColorQube 9303*


That also did not work.


Can anyone tell me where I can find the exact text I should be matching on?






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