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XPAF & z/OS 2.4 compatibility

Product Name: xpaf
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

What is the minimum level of XPAF that will run on z/OS 2.4?

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Re: XPAF & z/OS 2.4 compatibility

Hi Kinney Associates,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. According to the current user documentation from February 21, 2019 : "XPAF supports the following versions of z/OS

  • z/OS Version 1.12 with JES2 Version 1.12 and JES3 Version 1.12
  • z/OS Version 1.13 with JES2 Version 1.13 and JES3 Version 1.13
  • z/OS Version 2.1 with JES2 Version 2.1 and JES3 Version 2.1
  • z/OS Version 2.2 with JES2 Version 2.2 and JES3 Version 2.2
  • z/OS Version 2.3 with JES2 Version 2.3 and JES3 Version 2.3

Required changes when migrating to a new OS or JES version Have your systems programmer change the SMP/E JESMAC DDDEF entry for both the TARGET and DISTRIBUTION ZONES in the XPAF CSI to specify the new JES z/OS macro library.Rerun UMJOB101 before running XPAF on the new system. This will re-assemble your JES offsets table.

If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.


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Re: XPAF & z/OS 2.4 compatibility

I was unable to find your documentation page that outlined this information.

Will XPAF 7.0 run on z/OS 2.4?

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Re: XPAF & z/OS 2.4 compatibility

OK, I'll ask differently.  Does XPAF V7 SA7047 run on z/OS 2.4?

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