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XeroX WorkCentre 6015 prints pages seperately and slowly



We have a XeroX WorkCentre 6015 installed in our office, connected via Ethernet to the network. It's mapped in two computers.


Recently we had the problem of it not waking up through Ethernet orders, and following the advice on this forum I updated drivers. It solved the problem.

Now a new problem, we never had before, has arisen: When given the order to print a multiple-page document the printer pritns every page seperately, then "rests" for a little. There is an average 7 seconds break between finishing one page and drawing the next one from the pages stack. In that time the screen goes back to default and does not display "printing...".


I have stipulated that perhaps the printer for some reason gets every page as a new printing order from the computer.

Any suggestions?


Key information:

XeroX WorkCentre 6015, Ethernet only connected.

Mapped in two computers.

Both run WIN 7 PRO

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Valued Advisor

Re: XeroX WorkCentre 6015 prints pages seperately and slowly

Check your driver setups and make sure in the Properties it matches these settings





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Joe Arseneau
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