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Xerox 238 Pro-Banners

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We cannot seem to get the banners to completely turn off. I have noted that there are hidden config pages when accessing the settings via web gui, but though we can access some pages such as  http:/IPAddress/diagnostics/jobNameSuppress.dhtml, we cannot access http://IPAddress/diagnostics/rawTcpIphidden.dhtml. When we try to access that hidden page we get an error

Failed to Display Page. We are logged in as the administrator. What can we do to get these banners turned off? Please advise. Our software versions and general settings are as follows:

System Software Version:
Net Controller Software Version:40.022.51031
UI Software Version:12.60.54
IOT Software Version:50.17.0
SIP Software Version:12.60.50
DADH Software Version:15.15.0
Paper Feeder Software Version:7.6.0
High Capacity Trays Software Version:7.6.0
Finisher Software Version:1.27.0
Fax Software Version:2.28.26
Scanner Software Version:17.5.0
Startup Config Report Enabled:enabled
Banner Sheets Enabled:enabled
Document Defaults
Type:System Default
Output Tray:top tray


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Re: Xerox 238 Pro-Banners

You have to log into the printer console as administrator to turn off the banner pages.  It's usually under the tools tab but it varies by printer model.  I just drill down thru the menus until I find it.

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Re: Xerox 238 Pro-Banners

usually this could be found once you logged in as admin on the console then on print service settings, common settings and just disable banner sheet, you could also disable it from the driver.

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