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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox 260 Freeflow Blank pages

Shut it down completely.

When booting it back up choose the Auto repair boot option from the boot menu after the SUN logo.


If it still won't work after it does its thing:

Select Services > Print from file > Browse and choose Sample Jobs from the dropdown.


See if these jobs will print. If they do, something is wrong with your jobs, possibly the spooler got corrupted, in which case you will need to delete all the jobs on it and start fresh.


Another possibility is that the queue has been accidentally messed with. Try making a new queue via Queue > Queue Manager




Call the new one TEST and give it plain boring simple job properties making sure there is no weirdness anywhere. Then do a test print to that queue and see if it works fine, if it does, either dig through the default queue and figure out what was changed in it by accident, or just create a replacement queue with the queue manager.




If none of that gets you running it would need to be reloaded from scratch, which means a tech call unless you have the license backed up.

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox 260 Freeflow Blank pages

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I have a 260 with freeflow 7 sp2 controller. When i 'm trying to print one page, the machine prints 3 blank pages (regarding 1 ) and gives the mesage "xerox reprogram job properties for the quantity of the remaining stacks or the page range for the remaining stacks required"
My licenses are valid through Oct. 2016. I can scan and copy without any problem.

Any ideas? 

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