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Re: Xerox 4112 Booklet Postscript Issue

is it possbible to create some screenshots?

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Xerox 4112 Booklet Postscript Issue

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My company has 2 Xerox 4112 printers.  Because we have to print different document sizes, we create postscripts using the 4112 driver first, then edit those postscripts to print the way we need them to.  I have recently been told that we need to start printing Booklet style for some docuements.  I have tried, but can't seem to get the postscript to tell the printer to print Booklet style.  Is there a way to do this?


The dirver is EX4112-4127 PS v2.5 and the printers are run on 2 Fiery servers.


-Doug A.


Note:  Printing manually works, but we need to be able to print using the postscripts.

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