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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox 4250 workcentre network printing issue

I can't give a 100% but I would have to assume "someone" is the cause more than "something"

Having said that, if you simply set the printer to static, the IP can't be changed without a user doing it (unplug the NIC, reboot the printer etc will do nothing)

There are a plethora of issues that arise in SNMP on ports that cause printers to read as unavailable when they clearly are not, so disabling it on the port itself eliminates that as the possibility and doesn't have any drawbacks since it is essentially useless.


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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox 4250 workcentre network printing issue

Product Name: WorkCentre 4250



I have a Xerox Wrokcentre 4250 that has been working for months with an Ip address of 192.168.*.**. the other day I got a call saying the printer wasn't printing (over the network)  The IP address was 10.0.0.*.  I turned it off then on and it worked again.  Yesterday I got a call saying no one could print to the same printer (the Ip address was in tact).



Bad Cable (never gets moved)

bad switch? Why would Ip address change?

Bad NIC in the printer???



Any ideas?




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