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Re: Xerox 5225 Workcentre Light Printing

I also have this problem I have updated the driver, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. where do I go next?

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Re: Xerox 5225 Workcentre Light Printing

Thanks John.  I do have the most recent STD firmware which is 1.207.8.   This is labeled Controller+PS ROM which I take to mean that I have the PS option. Is that correct?


Also, I have an IOT ROM v11.31.0, IIT ROM v 3.8.0, ADF ROM v20.0.0, Fax ROM v1.30.61, SJFI v3.0.9, and a SSMI v1.8.2. 


Big question, if I want to run PS drivers, do I need to have the PS firmware installed?  Right now I have the STD firmware.  Do you match the firmware with the driver type?


Can you tell me the difference in PCL and PostScript drivers?  I've always heard of PostScript but never knew what it was.  


Thanks Again,


Ron Lines

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox 5225 Workcentre Light Printing

Hi Ron,


Two things-

Do you have the latest firmware loaded on your machine?  Scroll to the bottom of this page to compare with what you have on your machine.  If you don't have the latest, go ahead and update the firmware.  The instructions should be included with the download.

Number 2 - Have you tried using a PostScript driver instead?  If not, there is one available at the top of same page that I linked above for the firmware.  Just make sure that you select the correct OS at the top before downloading any driver file.  If you decide to try a different driver, you should uninstall the current driver and delete the printer from your PC before installing the new driver as this will give you a fresh install without any chance of having the old driver interfere.

Hope this helps!


Xerox 5225 Workcentre Light Printing

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Hi All,

This is probably an easy question, but danged if I can figure it out.  I'm using the PCL6-2 drivers out of Windows Vista to print to the printer.  When I get the printed results, they are very light, same with printing images.  Why does the printer print so light?  I've been through all the tabs in properties and don't see where to 'darken' the print.  Can an anyone 'enlighten' (no pun intended) me as to how to darken my print output?  This has me puzzled!


Thanks all,   Ron Lines

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