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Re: Xerox 560 Crashing Constantly



It could be a lot of different reasons, if you continue with the statement that its actually the document that makes the printer hang itself I would suggest you try a few different workarounds to see what the problem could be.


If its word documents that makes the printer hang itself, try using a different font, sometimes Calibri could be the problem. (mostly with pcl drivers)

If its an Adobe program, try using the function "print as image".

And because you have Macs, I guess you also have postscript installed?

Does the problem persist if you only print through postscript?


You can also try changing some settings in the printer driver,

Go to Printing preferences -> Advanced and change true-type font to "download as softfont" and True-type download option to "Bitmap"


Hope this helps


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Xerox 560 Crashing Constantly

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We have 5 Xerox 560 (w fiery) in 3 different locations that CONSTANTLY crash w/ Windows 7 and Mac users in a network enviornment with latest drivers installed locally (and reinstalled). Users have to restart machine to get back functionality.


Our support personnel came in and found nothing wrong w/ the printers.  He stated that the files are crashing the machines and has to involve "corporate."  ???


These are new printers maybe a month old.  Does anyone have an idea what may be going on?



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