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Xerox 6050 Print Drivers for Windows 7

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I looked for Windows 7 drivers at Xerox's site, but all that's available are "FreeFlow Accxes" drivers  -- and I don't think we have the FreeFlow Accxes print server here. We print directly from our workstations over a peer to peer network.  All of our XP machines and one Vista (32 bit) work fine with it.  The only machine that cannot print to the printer is the Window 7 machine.


I have installed the Freeflow Accxes driver locally on the Windows 7 workstation with the printer IP address but I cannot even print a test page.   I'm assuming it's looking for that FreeFlow Access software which we don't have.


I have tried installing other drives such as the post script and HPgl2 drivers for other 64 bit windows operating systems without any success.  Has Xerox stopped supporting use of the 6050 with Windows 7? If not when can Xerox post a non-FreeFlow Access drivers for Windows 7?


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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox 6050 Print Drivers for Windows 7

Have you tried using the Windows Vista driver?


7 and Vista are both very close on archetecture. Worst case, just do a system restore or remove the driver from the print server properties if the driver fails

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