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Xerox 6180 wierd problem

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I am getting a very loud buzzing sound when i switch on the printer - and it only stops once I open the front panel exposing the laser toners. I also notice that large parts of yellow ink are thrown onto the black screen like flat surface


Does this mean my laser toner for yellow needs replacing?

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Re: Xerox 6180 wierd problem

The noise might be caused because the printer is unstable e.g. the stand is slightly wobbly. I moved mine to a file cabinet and resolved that problem.
As to the toner--it sounds like your cartridge is defective. I have just had that happen with a yellow cartridge in one of mine. I'm trying to resolve it with Xerox Direct, where I purchased it. If any of the toner cartridges need replacing, you will get a message telling you so--and the printer won't work at all if any one of the cartridges is too low. I'd suggest ordering a new yellow cartridge, as the one spewing toner will soon cause the printer to cease printing until it is replaced. I hope that some of this helps.
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