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Xerox 700 061-329 error code

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Dear Sir,
I have a problem with my xerox 700. As it start up it shows the following error code 061-329.
Neither of the copying menu or the network menu are available.
I would be grateful if you can help.
Thank you.
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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox 700 061-329 error code

This will require a trained service technician.


BSD-ON: CH6.4 Black (K) Laser Control
ROS Connect Failure Black. The connection between the ROS LD and the MCU PWB failed.

Switch the power Off and check the wires between the LDD PWB K and the MCU PWB ( J1AK,
JA424, J1BK, and JB424) for an open circuit and short circuit. Ensure that these connectors
are connected correctly.
Ensure that the connectors of the MCU PWB are connected correctly.
If the problem still exists, replace the ROS Assembly (C, K).
If the problem still exists, replace the MCU PWB.

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Joe Arseneau
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