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Re: Xerox 700 Digital Color Press Tray 5 issue

I found the following solution: 

Program Tabs FreeFlow Print Server (FFPS) 

 NOTE: If the printer is programmed as above, the FFPS will auto populate the correct settings for Tray 5 except for the paper type.


Is that what you're talking about?


If not I recommend contacting Xerox Support at  1 (800) 835-6100 Options 1, 1

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Xerox 700 Digital Color Press Tray 5 issue

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HI there, hoping someone out there can help out with this.


We are running a Xerox 700 Digital Color Press with Fiery / Command workstation 5. My question has to do with tray 5 and allowing us to print easily.


We want to be able to put paper in tray 5 without manually inputtiing the paper weight and size each time. We then want to be able to send a document to the printer via Fiery and have the Xerox 700 pickup the settings from that job and force Tray 5 to obey those settings.


Our old Xerox 260 allowed us to do htis and we are stumped as to why we can't do this with a much more powerful 700.




As it is now, say we print a job successfully from tray 5 with 177-220gsm and 13x19 size, if we then print a different job with say 12x18 bond. If we throw some paper in the tray and send the job via firey the 700 will squawk at us saying we have the wrong paper. We then have to cancel the job and go in and manually set the paper tray attributes for 5 and then resend the job via firey.


We are a busy shop and would love to see this fixed.



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