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Re: Xerox 700 booklet printing

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If I translate the translation correctly, my recommendation would be to check the the paper size, type, and weight settings for the stock that you have loaded in the desired trays (for the job).

The stock attributes (size, type, weight) settings will affect how many pages are allowed to be present within a book, or be stapled, or be crimped.

1. Select the proper paper attributes at the user interface - When you load the stock into the tray, the machine should prompt you for the paper attributes (paper size, stock type, weight (gsm), etc.). Make sure that the attributes (at the user interface) reflect the loaded stock accurately, especially the weight (gsm) of the paper. This is very important.

2. In Command Workstation, make sure that you are using the same stock attributes for the booklate job. Match these settings with the settings that you have made at the printer user interface.

3. DO NOT try to fool the machine by setting inaccurate size, type, or weight (lower gsm) attributes in order to run books that contain more pages. This can result in very frequent jamming and copy quality issues, and possible even damage parts in the machine .


Xerox 700 booklet printing

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Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 7

Hello Community,
I have a Xerox 700 for booklet printing.
Following the motto "never touch a running system" we never did. Windows 7, Fiery Work Center, etc untouched. Many 1000 brochures already printed.

As of today, A5 booklets over 12 pages (we have had a 20 page template running for 1.5 years) are printing as single pages and outputting at the top.

When I import the hard drive backup, it stays that way, no booklets over 12 pages.

But when I copy booklets via the printer, 20 pages work again. And it even outputs them to me with the spine pressing, which doesn't work via Fiery Workcenter either.

Does anyone have a tip for me? Where do I need to look. I rule out a hardware error, since it works via the copier.
Many, many thanks!


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