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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox 700i with EX Fiery Print Drivers

Never run EFI drivers from unless absolutely necessary.

EFI places the correct driver on the RIP, as the RIP updates so do the drivers, so whatever the most current driver is for an EFI Fiery products configuration is, it will be on the Fiery itself. Of course if the Fiery was changed to not do auto updates it will be an old driver, but even in that case, it will likely be the best driver for your current software.


If you need the latest driver for Fiery but don't have the latest software loaded get the driver from


So, no matter the brand of copier, if there is an EFI Fiery attached just open webtools and go to the Downloads tab.

Printer Files are the drivers and Client Software Installer is the rest (Command Workstation, Fiery remote scan, Hot folders etc.)




Make sure to do a total removal of the driver from the PC/Server in Print Server Properties


And also, when installing the driver, or right after, make sure the port is set to LPR and not RAW.

The Queue Name will be print, hold, or direct dependant on what you want the submitted job to do, they are case sensitive so no Caps.


LPR Byte Counting should not be enabled. SNMP should be and whatever defaults it has should be correct.

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox 700i with EX Fiery Print Drivers

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We just purchased a 700i with the EX700 Fiery, having problems with the drivers that are on the Xerox website. Upon loading the drivers on my Win 7 64 bit system, the print drivers do not work. I download and install the English version and when I go into a print dialog it is partially in Italian ( bad part is I can't read Italian) but I can make out enough to be able to say send a job to like the bypass and everything works. But once I switch to a different driver that is completely in english, and I select bypass it pulls from any tray it wants to. I have the device components all installed (tray 6&7, production finisher and the trimmer) I had a professional IT person working on my system for over 4 hours yesterday only to tell me that it is an issue with the Xerox driver software.


Anybody Else running a 700i with EX Fiery? What driver are you running?


Thank You



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