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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Xerox 7345 Accounting --> Send User ID issue

Hi csam18,

some questions to get some more detail:

Are you using traditional print driver or the Global Print Driver?

Can you also provide the version of the driver.

Is this a local installed driver or server shared (point and print)?


If the you can replicate this with a locally installed driver, than I would make sure the secure print settings are configured on the printing defaults and than on the printing preferences on the print driver. Properties>Advanced> Printing Defaults

Also after making sure of what I just mentioned, please check if when the issue happens, if you loose settings from the print driver. Features like colour options or duplex options.. let me know if this happens. Feel free to attach images

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New Member

Xerox 7345 Accounting --> Send User ID issue

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Hello all!


We've been having a long standing issue with our 7345. Occassionaly and seemingly at random, users would go to print and NOT recieve a prompt for account code. This would result in the print job being rejected. User would have to go into printer properties --> configuration --> accounting and remove then reselect Send User ID under System before it would prompt for code again. Updating print drivers doesn't help either. Could someone shed some light on this please? Thanks.

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