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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Xerox 7775 Booklet Maker Stapling Multiple Books in One

Adobe is the problem, it is how it collates, and it is nearly random, add to that, some drivers handle it better than others.


In short, Adobe occasionally switches from printer collation to host collation.


One will send a 10 page job and tell the printer to print it 10 times if you select 10 copies.

The other sends the total 100 pages, and a clause at the end to break it into 10 separate jobs.

But the printer doesn't get that until it is already half done, so it staples (or tries to) the entire job as one.


You probably can fix it simply by changing your driver, if you are currently using the Native PS driver, it may work by updating to the latest one, or by switching to the Global PS driver.


But if that fails you need to look at Adobe, sometimes simply updating the app will work, sometimes you need to fix it manually.


It is not an overly uncommon issue, but it is not insurmountable

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox 7775 Booklet Maker Stapling Multiple Books in One

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Hello, I have a Xerox 7775 with a light production finisher that I use to make books. I have the book created in Indesign, however when I go to print multiple books by entering multiple copies into the print box, it prints the multiple copies but staples them all in one book. I have also tried to PDF the document and use this program to print, however it does the same thing. 

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