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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox 7855 Keeps reverting to Gray

3 places to look.

CWIS > Properties > Services > Printing > General (Do not set this to BW)




Assuming Accounting of some sort, go to CWIS > Properties ? Login/Permissions/Accounting > User Permissions > Job Override Policies > Edit




If this is enabled, your issue is the account of the print submitter, if you set it to just delete the job, the machine will explain why in the job failure report




And the last method (Assuming the printer is at fault and not something in the driver,port, server etc etc)


CWIS > Properties >  Login/Permissions/Accounting > User Permissions > User Permission Roles > Edit








And check here




If all those are not the cause, you are going to need top break it down in steps to find the fault


Submit print in CWIS.

Submit print from fresh installed driver on new port with no server to intervene, no Paper cut etc

Submit from Server without papercut etc etc

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox 7855 Keeps reverting to Gray

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Hi there.


I have been having a very weird problem with our Xerox Printers. Basically, we are now using virtual cues (Follow Me Printing) and all of a sudden, users are unable to bypass the black and white options for printing. 


Even when the user Selects the Image tab under Print options and unticks ' Xerox Black and White' the sample picture changes on the right handside to colour. However as soon as the user prints, it just comes out grey.


I have tried looking at the configurations set checking for options that are bypassing or disabling colours in general to which I can't seem to find.


I must also point out that we use PaperCut and again there appeared to be no functions which would state obvious reasons for the printer to just revert to grey prints.


Could someone help me?


Thank you.

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