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Xerox 8560 print error 08,035.42:1048

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I am trying to print from a network to a 8560 printer and it gives the error, error 08,035.42:1048 and will not do anything.  I have looked for paper jams and cannot figure out why the printer will not print.  Anyone know what this error translates to and how to fix it?

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Re: Xerox 8560 print error 08,035.42:1048



this is a hardware error , i think you need a technician for this to fix it


Error code explenation :



The machine displays an 08,035.42 error during warm-up. There are no unusual noises occurring and the cleaning page is generated before the error is displayed.Cause:
One wire of the Printhead's wiring harness was pinched behind the right side printhead restraint and causing the wiper to stall. The problem was not present on the machine until 700+ pages were run on the printer.

Remove the printhead and check for properly routed Printhead power cable. In this case, the blue wire was captured behind the right Printhead restraint bracket. Removed and re-dressed the wire and the machine booted up normally.

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