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Re: Xerox 8825 Digital Solution 64bit Drivers

Yes download the 510 drivers and install following these steps (roughly)

  1. Accxes Client Tool v.10.0.4 – installation .exe file located on server S:\
    1. S:\Xerox\AccXES10.0.4-A_HPGL2_ENU.exe
      1. NOTE: HPGL2_ENU driver required!
      2. Extract Files to Temp Folder on C:\
  • Run S:\Xerox\Install.exe


  1. In Accxes Client Tools > Device Manager > Create New Device >
    1. Device Name = 8825 Scanner
    2. IP Address =
  • Default Printer = Print to File
  1. Default Scanner = 8825 Scanner


  1. Disable Driver Signing:
    1. Shift +Restart
    2. Choose and Option = Troubleshoot > Advance Options > Startup Settings
    3. Allow Restart > Select 7) Disable Driver Signature Enforcement


  1. Xerox 8825 Driver = xesgdi11.hdi *xesgid#.hdi may vary with AutoCad LT Version
    1. S:\Xerox\xesgdi11.hdi
    2. Copy to C:\programfiles\autodesk\autocad lt 2014\drv\xesgdi11.hdi


  1. Install Printer
    1. Open Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners
    2. Add Printer > The Printer I want isn’t listed
    3. Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
    4. Create new port > Standard TCP/IP Port
    5. Hostname or IP address =
    6. Install the printer driver > Select Have Disk…
      1. Administration S:\Xerox\Drivers\HPGL2\64Bit\500\ENU\Accxes_500.inf
    7. Run Installer S:\Xerox\Drivers\XFAInstaller.exe
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Xerox 8825 Digital Solution 64bit Drivers

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We have a Xerox 8825 Printer and a Xerox 7356 Scanner.  Our terminal server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64.  It would be nice to get a AccXes driver that is compatible with this system.  I would be happy with just a 64 bit version of AccXes that was for any version of windows.  It is easy to find 64 bit drivers for the newer Wide Format printers however I am not sure if any of those are compatible with our 8825.  If you could please inform me which newer model driver will work with 8825 on 64 bit or provide a driver it would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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