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Re: Xerox 8825 on Windows 10

This is the worst advice you can give, how dare you suggest someone call your costumer service line

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Re: Xerox 8825 on Windows 10

no global print drivers dont work for this!!!!

It is astounding how xerox cannot and will not put out and instruction pdf for this!!!!

I download the 510 drivers and follow the steps (roughly) :]

  1. Accxes Client Tool v.10.0.4 – installation .exe file located on server S:\
    1. S:\Xerox\AccXES10.0.4-A_HPGL2_ENU.exe
      1. NOTE: HPGL2_ENU driver required!
      2. Extract Files to Temp Folder on C:\
  • Run S:\Xerox\Install.exe


  1. In Accxes Client Tools > Device Manager > Create New Device >
    1. Device Name = 8825 Scanner
    2. IP Address =
  • Default Printer = Print to File
  1. Default Scanner = 8825 Scanner
  2. Disable Driver Signing:
    1. Shift +Restart
    2. Choose and Option = Troubleshoot > Advance Options > Startup Settings
    3. Allow Restart > Select 7) Disable Driver Signature Enforcement


  1. Xerox 8825 Driver = xesgdi11.hdi *xesgid#.hdi may vary with AutoCad LT Version
    1. S:\Xerox\xesgdi11.hdi
    2. Copy to C:\programfiles\autodesk\autocad lt 2014\drv\xesgdi11.hdi


  1. Install Printer
    1. Open Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners
    2. Add Printer > The Printer I want isn’t listed
    3. Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings
    4. Create new port > Standard TCP/IP Port
    5. Hostname or IP address = 1.1.74
    6. Install the printer driver > Select Have Disk…
      1. Administration S:\Xerox\Drivers\HPGL2\64Bit\500\ENU\Accxes_500.inf
    7. Run Installer S:\Xerox\Drivers\XFAInstaller.exe
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Re: Xerox 8825 on Windows 10

Hi billraia,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Have you tried the Global Print driver?  It might work for you.  I do not have access to the machine you have to try it, but that would be my suggestion to try the Global Print driver.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.


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Xerox 8825 on Windows 10

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We updated many of our desktops and they showed up with Windows 10.  We had a work around to get Windows 7 to see the 8825 by using a Xerox 510 driver.  It works well.  Now we have a bunch of Windows 10 machines and a new Windows 2012 server that we are having trouble getting hooked up. Any suggestions?  I'm going to try disabling the driver signagure enforcement.  The IT installer has an idea or two.  


My 8825 was just serviced and works great.  I would hate to replace a printer that works well.


Any suggestions?





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