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Xerox Altalink c8055 - selecting the Jobs app reboots the printer

We have 2 machines, purchased brand new in December, that both have the same issue.


We utilize a "held jobs" environment whereas all jobs sent to the printer get held until the user comes and releases their job.


For no apparent reason, one device suddenly got into a cycle where, when someone touches the Jobs App on the control panel at the printer (necessary to view Held Jobs), the printer will restart. Upon powering up, users can print their jobs for approximately 30 minutes (it is not consistent - anywhere between 15-60 minutes usually) after which the printer will restart again (once the Jobs App is selected from the touch panel).


About a week later, the other device started doing the exact same thing.


Software Reset did not fix the issue. In fact, the original device had techs come on site, replace the ribbon connecting the control panel to the motherboard, replaced the hard drive, installed the latest software on the machine, etc and the issue simply will not go away. I have just placed a service call for the second device, which I am not optimistic will yield any success.


It is pretty apparent that there is a software bug with the Jobs App that crashes the printer.


Is this a common problem for this model of printer? If so, is there any way to get a software update that fixes this? These are brand new, quite expensive units and they simply don't work as they should. 


Looking forward to a permanent resolution. 



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Re: Xerox Altalink c8055 - selecting the Jobs app reboots the printer


once the two machines having exactly the same issue so sounds like to be a software issue or NVM is corrupted

 before doing any thing please make sure that the following procedures will delete all stored data on the System Disk Drive, including e-mail addresses, Xerox Standard Accounting data, and network configuration information


First Option is  NVM Initialization


  • From Diagnostics  >>Adustment >>dc301 NVM Initialization >

Domain : network controller 


Then initialize .





Second option is to reload the firmware


im not sure what the version you have but this one is the latest lunched on 24th Jan


  - Create a folder on the USB Flash drive named AltBoot (not case sensitive)


  - Create a file named FORCED_UPGRADE inside the altboot folder.


1-Open the AltBoot folder

2- In a blank area of the screen, right click and select “New”.

3- Select “Text Document”.

4- The name “New Text Document.txt” will be highlighted.

5- Type “FORCED_UPGRADE” (the file name is case sensitive) and press “Enter”.

6- A pop-up with the message “If you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?” will appear.

7- Click on Yes

8- Create a file named  "DISABLE_DATA_BACKUP "inside the altboot folder.

9- Repeat steps 6 and 7


    - switch off the machine and Insert the USB Flash drive into it and then switch on back again .



After either the initialization or firmware relod methods the device may be


1- in a non-customer mode to restore it back >>

Diaganostic >>dc131 NVM Read/Write >chain link is 616-014 and select read >set the NVM value to 2


2- offline 

login as admin >> Tools>> connectivity setiing >>  online/offline > select online


once you finish you need to reconfigure the network setting IP Adress,Gateway , scan to email , scan to network, etc...





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