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Xerox Copiers will not scan to email

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Hello!  I have two Xerox WorkCentres that will not scan to email.  They are a WC5735 and a WC7556.  I am not sure what has happened but every time I attempt to scan a document to email using either of these machines, an error message is printed saying "SMTP Server Address Unavailable."  We are a large school district with 7 or 8 buildings housing Xerox WorkCentres.  These two machines are in the same building.  The other buildings' copiers are emailing just fine so obviously something has happened in the aforementioned building to prevent these machines from emailing.  Could anyone help me figure out what that might be??





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Re: Xerox Copiers will not scan to email

Since it does it on both machines it sounds like a configuration error. 


- Check if you have the correct tcp/ip and dns settings configured on the machine (if you use smtp hostname especially dns is important). You also need to fill in a domain name.


- check if you can connect with your pc to the smtp server. Try a telnet session. 


- If all else fails see if the machines firmware are up-to-date.

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