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Xerox Device Manager XDM

Hi There

Within our estate we have 264 printers at various sites and we use the XDM to monitor them for errors and to produce monthly reports for costing.

The problem im having is the Status Alerts.

I have it configured to alert with things like door open, toner etc, all of the main issues it could have during the working day.

Problem is when I first log on to the XDM it goes away and is supposed to Poll all of the devices but it dosent.

I can not on any of the Xerox web sites find any useful information about the XDM and the UK support team known nothing about it.


What I want to do is set a status alert that polls all of the devices every 5 mins to see if they have any issues. Although I have this set (I believe correctly) its not doing this. As a test I opened a door on one of the printers so that it would alert.

So far I have waited 15 mins and nothing. Even the XDM screen says its ok.

However if I click on the IP address it will go away Poll the printer and come back with the fault at which stage it will email me to advise.


Does anyone else know why its not polling automatically and why its not reporting back correctly.


Im UK based so the number in the user details was made up as it would not let me put in a UK number.


Thanks for your assistance and if anyone has any documentation please let me know where I can download it from


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Re: Xerox Device Manager XDM

Hi clubsceneuk2,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Have you taken a look at the CenetreWare Web Support site?  There you will find troubleshooting and documentation for the application.  I am assuming this is the Xerox Device Management that you are referring to in your post.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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