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Re: Xerox DuoColor 240 - Tray 5 keeps opening and closing

No, you missunderstand..

Let me rephrase:

1. I put paper in tray 5, i entered the right size and weight (in the printer)
2. I send the rder from my MAC (also with the right size and weight)
3. Tray 5 goes up untill the end to grab the paper into the printer it selve to start printing.
-- Normally it starts printing, but it doesnt now. Instead he does the following steps --
4. Tray 5 goes down again
-- Normally if this happens, its becouse I entered a wrong size or weight or somthing and normally the printer gives me an error. Now he doesnt do that instead he does the following steps. --
5. Tray 5 goes up again to grab the paper to print.
6. Tray 5 goes down again.
7. tray 5 goes up again and so on and so on

If I dont delete the order this will go on and on and on.

I had this problem yesterday and I put the printer after the working hours out, I even pulled the plugg and started it today (after +- 8-10 hours without electricity) and its still the same.

What ever order I put in there as long its tray 5, it wont print it will go up and down exct.
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox DuoColor 240 - Tray 5 keeps opening and closing


Sorry for my bad English and correct me if I misunderstood, but tell me that the machine said the tray cover 5 is open or is a missfeed (in this case the machine show a faut code). Because if it said the cover is open it could be a defective cover switch or a broken wire and if is about missfeed could be used or dirty feed rollers. Also it could be a small lift gear broken.

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Xerox DuoColor 240 - Tray 5 keeps opening and closing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I printed 80 pages 300gr. SRA3+ Biotop, this paper we use almost everyday and never had any trouble with it.

When the 80 pages where printed i wanted to print the other side, as you do. So turned them like I always do and enterd them in to the tray.

It printed at first normally untill +-5 pages where done than sudenly tray 5 kept opening and closing.


As soon as it was at the top where the printer normally stops and takes his paper it opend again, without any error.

And it never stops untill i delete the file in the Fiery Command Workstation.

I even restarted the printer and it's still the same.

I deleted the order in the Fiery rebooted it and put a new order in it, still the same.
I even shutted the printer down, put it out of the electric socket and waited about 30 min and put it back in, start it, put a new order in and still the same happens...


Please help me.

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