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Xerox GPD. Printing prefs ignored after Windows Update 1709 (Fall Creator)

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I am experiencing massive issues after Windows 1709 update (Win 10 machine) using Xerox GPD PCL6 V3.9.520.6.0 or Xerox GPD PCL6 V4.0.548.8.0.

I am not using a print server, this relates to direct printing from Win10.


-Set printing preferences (eg. duplex, 2-sided, etc)

-Open eg. Acrobat or Word

-Choose to print and check the preferences

-Preferences show none of what I have selected on the print properties


As far as I know these settings are stored in the registry (HKCU...DevMode...)

Can´t speak for Win 7 or 8.

Also tested with an HP driver, no issues so far.


Has anybody seen this before?