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Xerox Global print driver problem

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Hi there,


We have set up SafeQ followme printing in our organisation, utilising Xerox MFP's and the Global Xerox driver package.  We have seven sites and a Citrix farm also.  We have set up individual print servers for each site for resiliience).  Two queues have been created for each site in the format of \\localprintserver\Colour and \\localprintserver\Mono.  For some reason, on the client machines the preferences of the Mono queue keep replicating over to the Colour queue i.e. when sending jobs to the Colour queue, they come out Mono.....also when you view the Printing defaults of the Colour queue, it states black and white.  This can be changed manually but for each user to have to do this all of the time is a headache.


We had a FollowMe setup prior to SafeQ going in that ran on earlier drivers without an issue - the preferences remained seperate from each other and they worked happily.  The latest driver appears to share printer preferences between the two queues?!?!  Can anyone suggest why this would be the case?


Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Xerox Global print driver problem

what version of global driver are you using?

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