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rafael_novo New Member
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Xerox Mobile Express Driver - Backup Printers List



Is it possible to backup printers list of Xerox Mobile Express Driver, so if I reinstall or change my computer I don't have to recreate all printers and configs?





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Technical Escalation User RuiC-Xerox
Technical Escalation User

Re: Xerox Mobile Express Driver - Backup Printers List

Hi rafael_novo,


if you need such deep back I would maybe advise to some down the lines of PrintMigrator


Nevertheless if you have driver that contain .cab files.. you might have problems with print migrator, therefore, in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the Print Migration Wizard within the new Print Management Console is one option. Alternatively you could also use the PRINTBRM.EXE command line tool (which effectively replaces PrintMig 3.1).


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Xerox Employee asdfss
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox Mobile Express Driver - Backup Printers List



Do you have this document anymore?


Re: How to backup Xerox Mobile Express Driver 

Hello rfnovo,


I have included a link to the Mobil Express Driver support documentation here on  Click the link and then select the first document of the three.  This will open a PDF document and in section 10 I think you will find how to save different configurations for your driver settings based on what job you are running.  After you save the settings to your PC or Server, you can also save them to the location where you save all of your backup information.



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