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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox Phaser 5500 / 5550 toner cartridges compatibility problems

Correct, they are not compatible at all. To get them to work you would need to have Xerox reprogram the printers, it will be cheaper and easier to just return the unused cartridges.


The following is how I understand it.


There are usually 2 toner types, add to that there are regions as well.


The 2 types depend on how the machines are purchased, there are Metered machines (bought through Xerox and on a contract) and there are Sold Machines (bought outright from a 3rd party) and they both take different toners.


Then there are region specific cartridges (I believe these are almost always in Europe/Asia, but I may be wrong).


Add to that there are often different capacity toners capable of printing more than the normal cartridge.


The world is just too big and there are too many specific regions to give any 100% answer though. But you can't go wrong by ordering the toners by the part number of the one in your machines.

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox Phaser 5500 / 5550 toner cartridges compatibility problems

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I`v bought recently used Xerox Phaser 5500dt and Phaser 5550dt printers. I also bought four new original Xerox toner cartridges for them (113R00684). When Phaser 5500 printer stops printing (toner was empty) I changed the toner cartridge and what I saw on the printer display after that is: REPLACE METERED CARTRIDGE. Old toner cartridge code was 113R00668.

Does it means that 113R00684 is not compatible with my Phaser 5500 printer?


I tested 113R00684 cartridge on my Phaser 5550 and the result was the same :(

My Phaser 5550dt printer contains 106R01294 cartridge.


Why Xerox produce so many different cartidges and they ae not compatible with each other eaven the cartridges packages shows that whey must fit for Phaser 5500/5550 printer series?


Any clue how to resolve the problem that I can use 113R00684 cartridges? New chips?




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