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Xerox Phaser 8560N - Filename length limitation



My Name is Rob, and I am a desktop support technician at a private organization.


I recently troubleshot an issue with my Phaser 8560N. The issue was seen as an inability to print certain MS Word documents. The document would go to the print queue successfully and appear to print, and the printer would show the "receiving data" message briefly. After this, no pages were printed. The document printed on all other printers in the office, which are not Xerox printers.


After several normal troubleshooting steps including a detect/repair in word, new user profile, full reinstallation of office, we found we were able to successfully print by copying and pasting into a new document then printing. However, if the document was then saved under the same file name or a slightly modified one, The same issue would arise. I eventually narrowed it down to the filename being too long. The original filename was 95 characters in length.


Is there a documented filename length limit for this or all models? I would like to let our users know so that they can shorten filenames to within this length if they need to print them on this device.

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