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Re: Xerox WC7120 - Slow printing on Mac OS 10.6.8

yes, there are some know issues on 10.6.8 , have a search on this forum for 10.6.8 issues, there is an apple update on the apple site to fix those issues

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Xerox WC7120 - Slow printing on Mac OS 10.6.8

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We recently deployed a new WC7120 to an office full of PCs with one lone Mac.  The 7120 replaced a WC6400X that the Mac was able to print to with no issues. 


The printing from the Mac is EXTREMELY slow.  We're talking 1-2 minutes to print a 2 page text-only Word document.  The problem is not specific to Word documents though--we've tried PhotoShop images, PDFs, and even the test page that is generated when the printer is initially installed. 


One particular thing to note that I found odd was that every print job pops up a warning message that says, "Spooling LPR job, xx% complete..." followed by "Ink/toner waste bin full!" and "OPC at end of life!"  The waste bin is NOT full, and I'm not sure that I even know what an OPC is!


For our PC users, the unit is installed on a print server running Server 2008 R2.  Our lone Mac has always just printed directly to the Xerox units without any issues. 


The Mac printer driver we are using is 2.59.0 from May 4, 2012.  I'm planning on making sure the Xerox has the most up-to-date firmware here momentarily.  Outside of that though, I'm pretty thoroughly stumped.  Any other suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated!

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