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Re: Xerox WorkCenter 7225 print from Linux



Thanks for your answer. I have try to captur my job with wireshark, and I have this :


@PJL JOB NAME = "sechoir.pdf" DISPLAY = "200 simon sechoir.pdf"
%%Creator: GPL Ghostscript 906 (ps2write)
%%LanguageLevel: 2
%%CreationDate: D:20170518092243+02'00'
%%For: (simon)
%%Title: (sechoir.pdf)
%RBINumCopies: 1
%%Pages: (atend)
%%BoundingBox: (atend)
currentfile /ASCII85Decode filter /LZWDecode filter cvx exec
&e,,#6QsIUEP1^W4j%>VfmLeP21i['0XteJ5'-rMBI73qYi]MqRS:_)[:!GtMG0%^!tgdCBfAL(......... some other char

So if I search in this stream I don't find any <Esc>&l23H or other number. I also don't find @PJL SET MEDIASOURCE=TRAY4 for example to specifie Tray I want. In CUPS I use xerox7525 ppd file.

I have try to change all tray mapping and I have same result.


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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Xerox WorkCenter 7225 print from Linux

If you print from the command line it will use the printers default settings, unless you specify  to do so otherwise in the file you submit.

The commands can be found for any printer using what is termed a PDF reference guide.

7225 is Connectkey, so this one applies to yours.


Since you use an HP driver, it is doubtful CUPS will help you (technically if you get the jobs working ala file print through the print queue in CUPS, you should be able to LPR to it's queue in the commandline and the job would inherit those properties in CUPS).


You could simply Wireshark a job, look at the stream and find what it uses as a tray call, then remap on the printer in PCL tray mapping so that the current command ends up going to the tray you want instead.


So if you find the tray command in the stream as <Esc>&l23(This means to use tray 3 using PCL5), then you could consult the tray mapping in CWIS on the printer and choose the tray you want to use when that command is used.




In your case, try simply changing everything that points to tray 2 or auto select, to use tray 4 instead in the above location.


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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox WorkCenter 7225 print from Linux

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Hi all,


I have an Xerox Workcenter 7525 and I use Linux. I have install cups and I use Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e generic driver.

But I have a problem, I want to print using lpr for that I use this command :


lpr -l -Pname_printer file.pdf


The job is sent to the printer, but I still have the same error message : waiting for resources.

The problem is that my print always used tray 2, I can't select the tray 4.

If I change manually the tray from the printer the printing works.


So it is possible to choose the right tray since cups ? Or maybe I must use other generic driver in cups ? I have also try to use ppd driver and I have the same reult




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