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Re: Xerox WorkCentre 7132 Instalation problem

Hi ,

first of all make sure that the labtop and the printer is connected on the same network


 1. Power on the machine.

2. Press the <log In/Out>  button on the control panel, and then type the administrator user name and password 
The default username is "11111" and the default password is "x-admin" (must be entered in lower case)

3. Press the<Machine Status> button on the control panel, and then select the [Tools] tab on the screen.

4. Select [System Settings].

5. Select [Connectivity & Network Setup].

6. Select [Protocol Settings].

7. Under [TCP/IP - IP Mode], select [IPv4 Mode]

8. Select [IP Address Resolution], and then [Change Settings]

9. select DHCP and then select [Save].

10. switch off the machine and swittch on back again 

11. print tthe configuration report and you will find the new IP address




Xerox WorkCentre 7132 Instalation problem

Product Name: WorkCentre 7132

Hi everyone,


I have Xerox WorkCentre 7132. Copying perfectly, but I can't connect it to my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T520. I don't know what IP is. Print report suggest IP, but it doesn't work. I have windows 7 Professional 64-bit.


How can i connect my printer to laptop? Is it directly connect to laptop?

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