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stav_rock New Member
New Member

Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

I have recently purchased Xerox Workcenter 7556 and can not seem to get it working.


I am certain we have the correct driver and things are being sent to the printer but are failing to print.  I have manage to print something off notepad but it i try and print something with an image it says the following:-









Does anyone have any suggestions?




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stav_rock New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

Windows 7 small business server 2011
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fiery Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

Sounds like a driver issue. Can you connect to the printer web page? If so can you import a pdf with the web page to see if that prints?

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stav_rock New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

What's the best solution to find the correct driver? I spoke with Xerox and they sent me a link over which is still not working?
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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

Go to the driver page for the model in question and run the web based installer which should run, search the network, find the printer and install the correct driver.


It is possible the printer does not have a Postscript interpreter so a PCL driver might be the only option.


And if there is a Fiery on the copier then the driver should be obtained from Webtools (Take the IP you print to and put it in a web browser address bar. If it loads Fiery webtools, go to the downloads tab and grab the Printer Files (Fiery driver), If it loads Centreware Internet Services go to Properties > General Setup > Configuration Report and verify it has the Postscript option installed



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Xerox Employee Karl063192
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox Workcenter 7556 printing issue

Hi there,


Make sure to delete the old driver and port before reinstalling the printer driver.


The best and easiest way in my opinion to install print driver for your machine, is to go to the printer web page, click on the 'Support' Tab and then click on the 'Install Print/Scan Drivers' link. See Picture:




You will have the choice to install either the PS, PCL6, PCL5 and possibly the XPS driver. I suggest you install both the PS and PCL6 driver. It will be easier to do test from both drivers and see if problem continue.


As for the PostScript Option, it is installed by default on this model.


So, if you still have PCL error after you've reinstalled your print driver, there is a chance that could be from a software corruption inside the machine. You will need to place a service call to do a software reload.


Hope you success!