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Re: Xerox docucolor 242 alignement probleme

You need a technician to come in and check the registration on all the paper trays. They can adjust it in diagnostics. Looks like you also have some skew. Make sure you are setting the paper trays to the correct weight of the paper you are running.

Re: Xerox docucolor 242 alignement probleme

Hi and sorry for the long reponse 


I have do all the thing you tell me to do : tray alignement, image shift, modify image position in printer setting.


the image shift , may change the position of the image but it is not centered on the page, and the picture is not the same up and down as you can see on the pictures attached.


NB :  the paper size is SRA3 


Thank you



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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox docucolor 242 alignement probleme

First thing is to see how bad it is. Go to the copier, lift the lid, choose a paper tray to copy onto and hit the start button.

It should copy nothing which would be in a lighted room, just a big black box that will show the margins set by the printer.

You can adjust them from left to right by logging in as the admin and going to System Settings > System Settings > Common Settings > Maintenance > Adjust Image Position and selecting the tray and adjust left to right. Repeat until desired result is reached.

Top bottom registration comes from how the paper is fed, to adjust that a tech is required.


Digitall speaking you can modify image placement within these hardware set margins, but never beyond them, so for that in Command Workstation as the admin go to Server > Align Tray, pick the stock, print the sheet and follow the directions.



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Joe Arseneau

Xerox docucolor 242 alignement probleme

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Hi all


I have an alignment problem on my Xerox DocuColor 242 with Fiery System 8e Release 2, the image does not appear centered on the SRA3 45 x 32 cm.
I try anything: tray alignment in service mode, change image position in printer, but nothing happens.


Please help i can't print anything or duplexing .

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