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Xerox_oil-gas New Member
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Xerox driver losing it's dependency files


I work at oil and gas company and we're trying to find root cause of an issue. We have a mixed environment of HP, Xerox 7775 and Phaser 7400. End user's have W7 64bit. What happens is both the 7775 and 7400 lose their driver dependency files. So if you look at the Driver Properties, all that is listed is 3 files....the config file, data file and driver file. This in turn causes the user to lose the Xerox driver window (a generic driver window appears in it's place) and the user can't print? The print bubble appears on screen that job has been sent but nothing prints.


This is a random occurrence it does not impact all users. But we're seeing examples growing as we deploy more W7 PC's. At first we thought it was a driver conflict as the 7400 uses the global driver and the 7775 uses a discreet PCL6 driver. But we have examples where the user only has one installed. Has anyone seen this before?


Thanks in advance.


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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Xerox driver losing it's dependency files

Hi Xerox_oil-gas,

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  Please try disabling the SNMP setting, see the this solution from the support page for your 7775.  If this does not help consider contacting your support centre for further information. 

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rwalter New Member
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Re: Xerox driver losing it's dependency files


I was wondering if this issue has been resolved for you as our xerox printers are experiencing the same problem. We have a lot of workcentre 5632 printers with win 7 x86 clients. I have seen numerous clients that are missing depenency files and are unable to print. I have a post on the microsoft forum since I thought it may have been a spooler issue. I have not had any responses as to a resolution yet, but glad to hear some people having siliar issues. Here is a link to my technet post.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox driver losing it's dependency files

what driver version arae you using?

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Peter81 Member

Re: Xerox driver losing it's dependency files



I have the same issue described here: link - from a different point of view. Using the mentioned workaround in my post, I've reinstalled 800 workstations in 4 months and the a low functionality dialog in printing preferences did not return, so far.

When you map the printer at the first time, it's good for a couple of days, but then you have to manually reinstall it.

Both the PCL and PS driver works great, but only after the second install.






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