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Re: Xerox workcentre 5330 Network problems

Probably your biderectional is not working

you can setup the ip address of the machine, if you open up the printer properties, configuration tab

check the ip there, if its correct and still errors, just turn off bidirectiional if you dont need it

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Xerox workcentre 5330 Network problems

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I will try to post as many dettails as possible because this problem is costing us too much.

We have a small office with 4 computers and just bought a new printer xerox 5330. We connected the printer on the switch that distributes internet in all our computers. At first it seemed to be printing fine but then the printer appears to be offline with an exclamation point.

And when it comes online i get the message "printer is not avaliable at this time". I checked the ip and its the same on all computers so i dont think is that. The latest drivers are installed. All computers have windows 7. 


Can you help me with this issue please ?






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